19. August 2003

World Games 2005

Es sind nur noch knapp zwei Jahre hin zu den Orientierungslauf Wettkämpfen bei den World Games in Bottrop. Deshalb muss offiziell eine Geländesperre für das potentielle Wettkampfgebiet ausgesprochen werden.

Embargoed area According to the IOF Competition Rules (article 26.5), it is prohibited to enter the following area for any potential member of an official World Games 2005 team (athletes, head of delegation and coaches) and others, who – through knowledge of the terrains and the competitions – may influence the results of the World Games 2005 competitions. The following area in Bottrop, Germany, is embargoed until further notice. Köllnischer Wald Omap 1:10000 (1999) and Omap 1:12500 (1996) Christian Roßnegger (Technical Director - World Games 2005 - Orienteering)